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PGA-05: ADIG-ST _ Stereo Speaker Simulator / No Load Box

スピーカー出力に対して使用の場合は、THRU出力にキャビネットかダミーロード接続(例:PALMER PLB2X8 )が必要。

PGA-05 本体¥120,000

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INPUT: 1/4“Jack with parallel output to Link through the signal.
INPUT LEVEL: Switchable Line / Speaker level
OUTPUTS: 2x 1/4“ Jack for line level, unbalanced, floating.
1x XLR/m balanced, floating, per PAD switchable level for line/microphone.
CONTROLS: Volume Filter, LOW, HIGH, LITE/BROWN-switch for tone shaping.
“Full Range Signal” volume, with 6 kHz high-cut filter switch.
Filter volume and “Full Range Signal” can be mixed to produce unusual sounds