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チューブタイプのDIとプリアンプの機能。チューブドライブのXLR、バランス出力を供給。Lo、MID、HI MID、HIGHのフィルターで+4/+8dBのブーストでサウンド設定が可能。AC100V電源。

PDI-CTC 価格¥154,000(税抜¥140,000)


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Tube complement: 1x ECC83/12AX7, 1x ECC82/12AU7
Inputs: 1 x ¼“ jack socket, input impedance 1MΩ, max. level +4dBu
Outputs: 1 x ¼“ jack socket (PARALLEL OUTPUT)
1 x ¼“ lo-Z jack socket, +4 dB (BUFFERED OUTPUT), output impedance < 1kΩ
1 x XLR/m mic level, approx. gain +4 dB, output impedance < 200Ω,
transformer balanced w/ground lift switch (MIC OUT)
1 x XLR/m line level, approx. gain +24 dB, output impedance < 600Ω,
transformer balanced w/ground lift switch, max. output level
before clipping +30dBu (LINE OUT).
XLR wiring: pin 1 = shield/ground, pin 2 = hot, in phase with the input signal, pin 3 = cold, out of phase with the input signal
Controls: Passive 4-band RCL filters for bass, low mids, high mids, and highs, bell shape, each switchable from linear (0dB) to +4dB, or +8dB
Power: 100V – 240V 10W, fuse: T3.15A
Dimensions: 220mm W x 210mm D (235mm incl. handles) x 88mm H (w/o rubber feet)