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THRUSTER 価格¥44,000(税抜¥40,000)


Function: Lead und Top/Treble booster, 2 selectable Presets
Electronics: Discrete circuit with FET-Transistors at the input
Nominal input impedance: 1 M 0hm, output impedance 1k Ohm
Maximal output level 10Volt rms
BOOST-Function: Position FLAT max. 12dB, (4 x)
Peak frequencies: F1 = 500Hz, F2 = 2kHz, F3 = 4kHz
F4 = 1000Hz, F5 = 3kHz, F6 = 6kHz
Maximal boost typical + 14dB.
Power supply: DC-Barrel connector for 5.5mm shaft with 2.1mm inner hole
9V DC ± 10% (9 Volt stabilized direct voltage)
Polarity: Shaft positive, pin negative (ground)
Current draw: max 80mA (0,08A)
Dimensions: 155mm x 135mm x 50mm, 1.5mm tin sheet,