Fred Kelly
Fred Kelly

Fred Kellyのピックの素材はデルリン、ポリカーボネート、ナイロンです。どれも長持ちし、それぞれに独自の特徴があります。

The materials used in Fred Kelly's picks are delrin, polycarb, and nylon. All are long-lasting, and have their own unique qualities. Delrin is an extremely strong, unbreakable material, and provides a very soft and natural sound on the strings. Polycarb is also very strong, and has an appealing transparent color. The sound created from a polycarb pick is louder and brighter than that from the delrin or nylon. The nylon material is used only in the flat picks, and is very durable yet flexible. The nylon also creates a softer sound on the strings. Choose which best suits your needs!